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Live #28: Building Free Testosterone, DHEA, Tongkat Ali, Heart Coherence Training & Qualia

A few of the topics we discuss in episode “LIVE #28”:

  • How can training your brain to follow delta waves create more rest and sleep at night? 
  • What has helped Jarrod Warren feel much better and build more free testosterone in blood labs, and why might you need to explore the supplements mentioned?
  • Why do neurologists say we actually have three “brains” and how does tapping into that knowledge create greater peak performance and overall health?
  • How does understanding “heart coherence” keep you connected and keep you performing at your best?
  • New supplements Jarrod is taking to help build free testosterone: DHEA, NOW Tongkat Ali (TestoJack 300), Bulletproof Glutathione, NOW Energy (consult with your doctor before starting any testosterone building or hormonal supplements). 
  • Breaking down the brain stack, Qualia, from Neuro Hacker Collective, and what this powerful stack can do for your brain performance. 



  • NEURO HACKER COLLECTIVEWWW.NEUROHACKER.COM  ENTER COUPON CODE FOR YOUR QUALIA ORDER: get 10% off by applying coupon code “cpc” at checkout.  



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