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Live #24: Biohacking Peak Performance, Resilience and Overall Change (with Emilio Palafox)

In this episode, I welcome Emilio Palafox of Cross Phoenix Coaching to the show!

A few of the topics we discuss in episode “LIVE #24”:

  • What does biohacking resilience mean for your future performance levels? 
  • How can we start forming building blocks toward our future growth, today, by understanding how our cells and mitochondria play key roles in helping us to thrive and perform to optimal performance levels?
  • How can neurofeedback tell us more about ourselves, our habits and our brains than we ever thought possible, and what operating system is the best for neurofeedback studying?
  • In what ways are we sabotaging ourselves each day by letting the environment around us dictate how we will perform, vs. taking control of our brain and body functions on our own?


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