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Live #21: Creating Your “To Be List” and Formulating “Your Unique Ability” (Vision Building #3 & #4)

Have you checked out the strategy manual, From Success to Significance? It’s about time you did! Curtis Estes and I aim, with this blueprint workbook, to give you an easy manual to lead  you to ultimate success, and on to incredible significance. To snag your copy, just head over to and start working through the 6 vision building exercises today, to maximize your year and create a new achievement mindset for the rest of your life. In today’s episode, I walk through vision building activities #3 and #4, and describe why the To Be List, and discovering Your Unique Ability, are crucial activity to your growth toward success.

A Few Topics Discussed in Live #21:

  • A breakdown of vision building activities #3 and #4 in my book “From Success to Significance”.
  • Creating your own To Be List 
  • Understanding why Your Unique Ability can help take your confidence, success and significance to achievement levels you never thought possible.


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