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Live #12: Thinking Like a SEAL, to Conquer Difficult Situations

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A few of the topics we discuss in episode “LIVE #12”

  • How Navy SEALs think, and how we can use that knowledge to lead us to success in demanding situations. 

  • Is the BUDS training course, which all Navy SEALs endure, based on physical or mental testing?
  • Why only writing one sentence a day for weeks on end is key to improving your cognition and efforts when journaling. 

  • Why extreme segmentation is a must when going through difficult tasks. 

  • Why breathing, and relaxing your parasympathetic nervous system, is key to lowering cortisol, helping us rest, achieving more success and reducing brain fog.  

  • Is Negative Visualization the way to help us see how many good things we have around us, and minimize seemingly huge tasks ahead of us? 


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