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Live #08: Why You Must Tap Into Minimalism and Self Confidence

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A few of the topics we discuss in episode LIVE #08:

  • Why could taking a stance of minimalism take 2017 to levels you never thought possible?

  • What does “Minimalism” really mean to you, or to me?

  • 3.1% of the world’s children are in the U.S., but those same children account for over 40% of toy manufacturers income worldwide each year.

  • We currently live in over 3 times the household space that we did in the 1950’s, yet the storage industry makes up a 2.2billion square ft footprint in our country (because we have stuff on top of stuff we own, with over 3 times the household space, compared with the 1950’s).  

  • We simply have too much NOISE in our lives (faces) each day, and finding a way to purge that noise can help us get control of our goals and habits this year.  

  • What do you believe about self confidence in your own life, and how are you mastering it?

  • Is self confidence something you are having to learn to move past, or are you discovering new ways to have a specific focus on your self confidence in 2017, so you can own every moment and reach your full potential? 

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