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Live #01: Thor vs. Owl, Smarter vs. Harder

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Live #01: Thor vs. Owl, Smarter vs. Harder

The Success 101 Podcast-Unscripted, with Jarrod Warren and Jordan Earles. We are thrilled to bring you this new segment of The Success 101 Podcast, and look forward to diving into many topics, relevant to our listeners of the regular podcast. While the regular podcast interviews and topical discussions will not change, this new segment will bring even more great information your way each week. Here are a few things we tackle in today’s episode to help you reach higher areas of peak performance and success in your life:

  • Why Dressing for Success is incredibly important, but not for the reasons you might think.

  • THOR vs. THE OWL, and why Tricking THOR is one of the most important things you can strategically design into your day, for greater levels of success and performance (via Pete Greider Coaching). 

  • Working smarter vs. harder

  • Sugar vs. butter for performance and brain power?

  • Setting up your environment toward success 

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