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#125: Jim Palmer–The Power of “Decide”, and Ultimate Business Mindset

EPISODE #125: Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach

“The Power of “Decide”, and Ultimate Business Mindset”

What is the one word that could completely change your mindset, path in life/business, and turn you around from the path you are headed down as an entrepreneur or professional? “DECIDE”! This simple, yet not so easy to implement action, can set you on a life-altering course for success in areas and ways that you have never imagined possible. Join me on episode 125, as Business Coach Jim Palmer and I discuss the power that the word “Decide” can have over you and your life, so you can become more productive and profitable, starting now!

Episode #125, with Jim Palmer, References:

Where are people struggling the most becoming successful with building a business:
1. Not having a proper growth mindset.
2. Not understanding branding and positioning.
3. Knowing how much You have to put into yourself to understanding your business.
4. Not doing the things you know you should be doing to grow your business.
5. You must be willing to invest heavily in your business, right from the beginning.
6. You must be willing to pay heavily for coaching, and not just have an accountability group.
7. People typically run out of cash, because they run out of courage.
8. One word that separates the highly successful from the average/unsuccessful: “DECIDE”.


Jim’s Books for Higher Performance:
1. The Magic of Newsletter Marketing
2. Stick Like Glue
3. It’s Okay To Be Scared, But Never Give Up
4. The Fastest Way to Higher Profits
5. Stop Waiting For It To Get Easier
6. Decide, The Ultimate Success Trigger


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