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#122: “GRIT” (The Power of Passion and Perseverance) by Angela Duckworth


(The Power of Passion and Perseverance) by Angela Duckworth

What makes a person successful and continue to fight through adversity more than anything else? Is it effort, potential, or talent? According to Angela Duckworth, it’s GRIT! In this episode, you will hear my review of Angela Duckworth’s amazing book, “Grit”, and ways you too will be able to become more gritty, starting today. As the leading authority on the science of Grit, Duckworth describes the components of Grit as a combination of intense passion + intense perseverance towards a long-term goal. So what is your level of grittiness? Join me here in episode #122 and find out more!

In This Episode You Will Hear:

[3:17] — The 4 Factors for Success

[8:04] — GRIT Success vs. Talent Relationship

[9:25] — Effort is More Important than Talent!

No Effort=Unmet Potential
Talent + Effort(1)= Skill
Effort(2) + Skill=SUCCESS!
(Effort must factor into the success equation TWICE)

[14:30] — Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard

[15:50] — What is YOUR Current Level of Grittiness?

[20:50] — 4 Traits Gritty People Have in Common

[23:20] – Action Steps Toward Building More Grit Now

–Factors as to Why People are Successful:
1-Our prior experience
2-Finding a great mentor/teacher
3-Discovering our baseline skills
4-Relentless grittiness (the most important factor of success)

–4 Traits Gritty People Have in Common:
1-Passionate Interest– Staying Deeply Engaged in What You are Striving Toward
2-Practice–Daily Disciplines and Routines
3-Purpose–A Belief in the Meaning of Your Work
4-Hope–The Optimistic Belief in Engaging in Deep Work, Despite Setbacks

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