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Live #20: Creating Incredible Culture and Using the DIRECT™ Technique to Train Your Mind

A few of the topics we discuss in episode “LIVE #20”:

–Changing your mindset with Mark Divine’s DIRECT™ technique : 

  • Detect: Focusing on all negative thoughts we realized have entered our minds, in order to change them to positive thoughts. 
  • Interdict: Allowing the “Sentinel” of your mind to intercept the negative thought with a command of “NO”, “STOP”, or “I will not allow this thought to ruin my day”. 
  • Redirect: Changing the negative thought to a positive one, or dealing with it and eliminating it completely by framing it a more healthy way. 
  • Energize: Solidify the new positive thought, and get your Whole mindset around that new energy. 
  • Communicate: An insurance policy, even if you misstep in the other steps. This step helps you to keep the new energy stabilized, and not allowing you to step back into the negative. Similar to the Interdict Step, you actively communicate the importance and reality of the new energy, so your positive energy cannot turn back into a negative thought quickly   
  • Train:  We have to train our mind to think about the DIRECT technique much faster and naturally, or we will not use it when we need to. 


–Building an Incredibly Strong Culture in Your Organization : 

  1. Cast a Vision daily. 
  2. Find out what motivates your team, or a spouse of someone on your team, and help them to buy in quickly by taking an interest in their interests. 
  3. Encourage and reward learning/education to help them progress faster
  4. Hire slowly, and hire toward those who can help build the culture, and those who will interact the strongest with the rest of the team. 
  5. Create an environment where people feel they have true community and can have fun


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