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#174: My Ultimate Biohacking Episode, Part 2 (Morning through Afternoon)

Resources from Episode #174:

  • Grab My Book: “From Success to Significance, The Strategy Manual”
    • Pick yours up for free (only cover the shipping cost in the U.S. — or grab the ebook for just a couple of dollars more) at and enter success101 at checkout to get your book free 


  • Don’t check social media or emails the first thing in the morning…EVER!  


  • Take your phone out of night mode, and out of the color tint spectrum from episode 1, and let the blue light pour through early in the morning.  


  • Get bright lights for the bathroom that you are getting ready in, in the morning, and it will get you woken up faster and allow your pineal gland to stop producing melatonin. 


  • Pop in the Human Charger almost as soon as you wake up, to start reducing cortisol and get your day going asap. 


  • Place one alarm next to your bed, and set it for 2 minutes before your main alarm, which should be located in a separate room, to get you out of bed and moving in the morning. 


  • Use the Sleep Cycle App on your phone at night to track hours in the bed, sleep patterns, etc. 


  • Take a cold shower in the morning to get your mitochondria energized and get you up and running in the morning. Use the last 30 seconds of your shower to stand in the cold water, and work your way up until your entire morning shower is being taken in the cold. 


  • Use the Efanr Bluetooth earpiece to listen to audiobooks and podcasts inconspicuously during the day. Find them on


  • Drink 1-2 liters of high quality water upon waking
    • add 1 teaspoon of pink himalayan sea salt, and the juice of half of one lemon to your water each morning   





















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