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#169: Jeremy Slate–A Casual Conversation about Business, Life and Taking Action

Have you struggled as an entrepreneur? Jeremy Slate certainly has. At 19 he tore three major ligaments in his knee, and had what was supposed to be an easy surgery.  However, this unfortunate event led to Jeremy getting a hospital visit from a priest, and what should have been a life changing event, actually wasn’t…

Jeremy received his masters degree in ancient history from Seton Hall University, studied literature at Oxford University and graduated into one of the worst job markets in history. The intention was to get his PhD and teach college, but he didn’t really try hard enough to hit the goal. Jeremy ended up continuing as the weekend manager at the same gym he had worked at for 8 years. He also took on a job painting houses which led to about 8 months of 16 hour days. Painting homes, and his next move, teaching at a private school for two years, created burn out pretty quickly…


In late 2015, Jeremy started the Create Your Own Life Podcast,  and his life quickly  forged a radially new path. Today, in addition to interviewing many of the people he admires most, Jeremy runs GetFeatured.Media and Slate Media Productions.

Join us today in our awesome casual conversation around business, life, and (most important) taking action, on how you want to shape your future. 


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