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#158: Peter Awad–Learning the Power of a Slow Hustle, for Maximum Performance

Business is hard. It’s fun, exciting, crazy and also stressful, depressing, debilitating. It’s the ultimate of roller coasters. After talking with dozens and dozens of entrepreneurs, Peter Awad realized he was not the only one feeling these extreme emotions. They are actually universal and seemingly part of the entrepreneur’s handbook (which doesn’t exist).

The art of the “Slow Hustle” is not just something that comes your way overnight, or something you can master immediately. However, it is a choice; a choice that can change your life and career forever. Deciding firmly that you really can still “hustle”, and at the same time, slow down, is an incredibly empowering mindset to hard-wire into your busy life. Peter teaches us the points to consider when implementing this mindset, and how we can get on track to a better life, much faster. 

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