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#147: James Swanwick–Habit Strategies, Hacking Addictions and Incredible Health

I’m excited to bring episode #147 to you all, and introduce you to James Swanwick.

James Swanwick is a former ESPN anchor on SportsCenter, and has been a print or TV journalist for over 20 years, writing for newspapers and magazines in the US, UK and Australia. James is also the creator of the 47 Day Habit Hacker Program, as well as one of my daily use items in my own home- the “Swannies” Blue Blocking Glasses, which I talk about many times in my episodes about sleep and blue light. 

James and I had an incredible conversation about simple but profound habit and health hacking ideas, which will change your life in incredible ways, starting today. James also shares a specific challenge he’s learned to overcome in is own life – the ability to quit drinking alcohol cold turkey, and how you can change your life with something as simple as his 30 day no alcohol challenge. We also discuss helpful tips on sleep, skincare, fitness, diet, and productivity habits, which could make 2017 an incredible year of change for us all. 


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