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#143: Brett Gilliland–Must Know Systems and Strategies to Master 2017

2017 is quickly approaching. Are you ready? Do you have your goals/commitments and strategies ready to attack this year like you have never done in the past? Before January 1, 2017 hits us like a sledgehammer, you absolutely owe it to yourself to tune into episode #143 with Brett Gilliland. Brett’s approach to being intentional with his life, learning from past mistakes to help him grow, and being extremely focused on where he is/where he is going, have helped him to set systems and strategies designed to crush it in his life, business and everything inbetween. I admire Brett’s diligent approach to attacking the day, and know you guys will get a ton out of this one as we enter a new year. Enjoy!

Brett Gilliland’s Business Plan Example:

Notable Quotes:

“A lot of this probably sounds mental, but I believe most of the game of life is mental, and we get to be physicians in our own lives each day”

“Some of my best ideas come from me and my journal, not knowing what in the heck I was going to put down, [but then great ideas came to me]”

“Strategic Think Time-Do you want to be great?”

“I had to learn the power of NO”

“You’ve got to go slow, to go fast”

“Whatever you are feeding your brain with the night before, is what you are going to wake up with”


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