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#142: Angela Duckworth–The Science of GRIT, and Why We Need it to Succeed

Have you ever thought about what the word GRIT means to you? No really, have you ever paused and thought about what this seemingly simple, and sometimes incorrectly used, word means for your life? My hope is that episode #142 blows your mind with new understandings around the science of GRIT, and why we must understand this powerful concept in order to find long lasting success. I am a huge fan of Angela Duckworth’s work in helping us all understand the psychology and science of GRIT, including her amazing book, “GRIT, The Power of Passion and Perseverance”. Angela’s book changed my mindset around the concept of not only GRIT, but the effort that it takes to reach higher levels of peak performance. I am excited for you all to hear this message, and hopefully shift your thinking on why we need more GRIT in our lives, and how it can be used toward incredible performance levels each day.

Also, be sure to take Angela’s “GRIT Scale Test”, and report back to me what you discovered about your own level of grittiness.


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