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#141: Calvin Wayman–Taking Courageous Action to Design Your Future

EPISODE #141: Calvin Wayman

“Taking Courageous Action to Design Your Future”

Are you taking the right amount of action to pursue the future you really want? This is the huge question I want you to focus on before digging into episode #141. Deep thought behind this question is the main reason I am extremely excited to bring you this interview with Calvin Wayman. As you will hear in our conversation, Calvin reached a point in his career where he was stuck, miserable, and seeking more from where he had found himself in life. Many of us have felt that way, but the difference is that Calvin took the right amount of massive action to lead him toward his dreams, and ultimately the successful path he is on today. Calvin also recently published his book, “Fish out of Water”, and I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Please see the link below to get your own copy, learn how to take immediate action in pursuing your passions and goals, and I can guarantee you will be satisfied you did.

Also, be sure to sign up for Calvin’s free offer for an in-depth social media consultation of your own site, and learn how you can better build your brand, product or anything else you are trying to use to grab more attention toward your efforts. This was a great episode, packed with tons of note taking material, and I am thrilled to bring it to you all!

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