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#139: Craig Ballantyne–The Perfect Day Formula, and How to Crush Productivity

What does the perfect/successful day look like to you? Are you tired of not accomplishing what you set out to master during the day, or constantly feel like you run out of time, yet see others (less talented or driven than you) succeeding at higher levels? It's time you tapped into Craig Ballantyne's "Perfect Day Formula Kit". If you know me, you know I test and research everything that comes across my desk, and I can absolutely say that Craig's Perfect Day Formula has the recipe for your daily success. Get mastery of your schedule and make the most of every minute with Craig's incredible book and kit. Start mapping out your ideal calendar, listing gratitudes, getting in the habit of brain dumping and much more through this strategically designed formula. Only you stand in the way of your own success.

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  1. craig on 11/30/2016 at 12:57 PM

    Love the kit video!

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