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#134: Grant Cardone–Tapping Into Your Obsessions, to Create Unimaginable Success

EPISODE #134: Grant Cardone

“Tapping Into Your Obsessions, to Create Unimaginable Success”

What is your definition of the word “Obsessed”? If you are like many, when it comes to business, this word brings about feelings of negativity, and a feeling of “workaholic” mentality. Grant Cardone wants to change that image in your mind forever, and help you to ignite the obsessions within you, to create massive success in your life, business, relationships, etc. Join me on episode #134 as Grant and I dive into his past, how he climbed back from having very little chance to succeed in the future, and how he has turned what he has learned into an obsession that he cannot stop talking about. Grant’s new book, “Be Obsessed or Be Average” is one of my all-time favorite books (get the audio version for more commentary about each chapter) for igniting the passions and obsessions within you. Go get your copy today, and you won’t be disappointed.

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