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#129: Jesse Itzler–Incredible Outside the Box Success and Life Lessons from a Seal

EPISODE #129: Jesse Itzler

“Incredible Outside the Box Success and Life Lessons from a Seal.”

What do becoming a rapper on MTV, owning a private jet fleet, selling a major coconut water company, being married to the creator of Spanx womens’ wear, writing a best selling book about living with a navy seal, and owning the Atlanta Hawks all have in common? They have all been done by the one and only, Jesse Itzler. Join me in episode #129 as I dive deep with Jesse into what it takes to create incredible outside the box success, and lessons he learned after inviting a hard-charging navy seal to live with his family for 30 days. For anyone looking to create business/life success, or push past their physical and mental limits, this is a must listen episode

Episode #129 References:

“Only one person can be the smartest, but anyone can be the nicest”

Going into business in fields that you know nothing about gives you a tremendous advantage because you get the freedom to create things the way YOU want to see them created and built.

The 40% Rule.

The most important thing to making relationships work, is having the freedom to say NO.

Pie Chart: 7 hours of sleep, 3 hours of personal time, 8 hours of work, 6 hours are still left unaccounted for.

The greatest indicator of success: having your children want to hang out with you when they become adults

Other References:

“The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz:

David Goggins on Instagram: @iamdavidgoggins


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