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#128: Mindset, by Carol Dweck, Ph.D.–The New Psychology of Success

EPISODE #128: Mindset, by Carol Dweck Ph.D.

“The New Psychology of Success.”

Do you know the difference between a growth and fixed mindset?  This simple, yet extremely complex concept can be the absolute single difference between you living a life of maximum performance and achieving your goals. Whether you apply this concept to your business, personal or financial goals, your mindset is crucial for becoming a higher version of yourself, and completing what you set out to accomplish. Join me here on episode #128 as I break down Carol Dweck’s genius work around mindset, and how we can use her research to achieve incredible results over our lifetime.

Episode #128, Mindset, References:

The Fixed Mindset:

  • Failure is something we try to avoid at all costs, and viewed as a negative event in our daily lives.
  • Our abilities, intelligence and qualities are carved in stone, and often times already determined at birth, or at a very early point in life.
  • Success is about proving you are smart or talented, and you must validate yourself over and over to prove you have what it takes to yourself.
  • Failures are viewed as disasters and setbacks, rather than opportunities.

The Growth Mindset:

  • Failure equals growth and development.
  • Our qualities are ultimately something that can be developed for higher levels of performance over time.
  • Years of passion, toil and training allows us to develop much progress and shaping of our abilities.
  • Our abilities are unknown at each stage of life, but can be developed over time.
  • Missteps in this area are often viewed as an incredible learning opportunity, and understood to be necessary to learn from our mistakes.
  • Development is the most sought after outcome when the mark is not reached in a particular situation.
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