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#123: Aaron Walker–Iron Sharpening Iron, for Building a Legacy

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EPISODE #123: Aaron Walker

“Iron Sharpening Iron, for Building a Legacy”

Do you ever feel like your life is missing deep significance? Perhaps, you go to work, you come home, do it all over again, and again yet are feeling like your focus and impact are still n0t hitting the mark? Maybe you have reached levels of success, like you never believed you would, but still have a longing to become more, and find more fulfilling purposes in your daily routine? Join me on Episode #123 with Aaron Walker as he walks us through an incredible, life changing story of how to live a life of not just finding Success, but finding maximum fulfillment in our Significance. This is truly an iron sharpens iron episode, that you don’t want to miss.

In This Episode You Will Hear:

[06:00] — Aaron’s background and business beginnings

[09:34] — Unfortunate tragedy, and a journey of recovery

[17:32] — Shifting from a mindset of success to a life of significance and legacy

[20:35] — Why accountability is essential for significance

[26:36] — The importance of Masterminds groups

[33:40] — Two mindsets: Fixed vs. Growth

Important Takeaways: 

“Fear missing an opportunity more than you fear missing failure.”

“Can’t couldn’t do it, and could did it all.”

“NEVER get into an accountability group with 1.) your business partner, 2.) a person that works for you, or 3.) a family member.”

“3 ways to best accomplish things: 1.) delayed gratification, 2.) proper training, and 3.) a little time.”

God didn’t make us wired and created to feel the need to hold onto busyness and stress. We are taking something that was given to us as a blessing and we have misconstrued it. God doesn’t give you any task that we don’t have the time and resources to complete. We get ahead of ourselves without consulting the one that is giving us the task.

“If there were no financial limitations or geographic boundaries, what would you do with your life tomorrow?”

“Here is what would help you more than anything: Spend your time on paper first before you do anything, and plan out your focus months down the road. If it is on the calendar, it will happen, and when distractions come along, you know you can’t go after them because it is not part of the plan. Keep the “shiny objects” at bay.”

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