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Live– Michael McGreevy: Tragedy, Identity & Success at Home


  • Your identity has to be discovered by YOU for it to be long lasting and mean something personally
  • If you are striving to please others, as your source of finding identity and worth, that type of value will not be long lasting or sustaining throughout your life.
  • Success begins at home, and without things being RIGHT there, you can forget about a successful ripple effect moving to other areas of your career, relationships etc.
  • We discuss key concepts of anxiety, including how “clinical” anxiety can destroy your goals and dreams, and how we can move through the fear into a position of strength and ownership of our futures.
  • You are likely not that far off from the person you want to be come, or the incredible marriage you would like to have…not matter where you are in your state today.

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Beginning in high school, Michael spent ten years gripped by fear and insecurity.   As you will hear in our episode today, this fear and insecurity kept him in a state of being a fraction of the man he would later become.  Many people are dealing with fear today, which owns their lives and daily actions, and they don’t know how to break the chains holding them down, to become more than they have ever imagined. 

Through tragedy, Michael learned how to face his fears, and has devoted his life to the study of leadership and teaching others to live a life of meaning.  Today, Michael supports leaders all over the country, through one on one coaching and mastermind groups with this company, McGreevy Leadership.

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