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From Success to Significance, the manual

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After teaming up with long time business partner, Curtis Estes, the design of From Success to Significance was created. This book has proven to be a key component in shaping the mindset of people who are looking for more in life. From business owners, employees, leaders, and influencers, From Success to Significance helps frame the “6 vision building activities” and key steps to helping you not only create success, but also turn your success into massive levels of significance. 

Our aim is to help you expand your mindset about how wealth is created, how goals are created and carried out, and how your life can truly be guided through design to the best future you could ever imagine. A few of the concepts and ideas you will be able to walk through and create in this book are:

  • Designing your Legacy Statement

  • Your Highlight Reel

  • Your “To Be” List

  • The “Pyramid Flip”

  • Time and Productivity Mapping

  • and many more… 

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