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Coaching Blog: Becoming a Minimalist in 2017 and Getting Back Into the New Year Quickly

Welcome to 2017! Almost!

What do you want to be really clear on this year? I mean REALLY clear on this year? How about removing noise from your life so you can rock out your commitments at the highest levels?


Becoming a Minimalist in 2017 and Getting Back Into the New Year Quickly:

Have you considered the noise that is around you?

Have you considered what you are going to have to do in order to stay on track with what it is that you are trying to get clear on and accomplish?

WE must reduce the noise around us each day and get very clear on what it is that we want.

Some of you aren’t even aware that there is noise around you, because you are so used to hearing it. Just think about it, and you will admit on some level, that is absolutely true…

If I try to look at everything I am saving/processing through these days, here is what I find:

  • Apps on iPhone
  • Podcasts to download,
  • Audiobooks to listen to,
  • Notes,
  • Emails,
  • Possessions,
  • Screens in my face


Think about some of these stats:

  • The average teenager spends 8-9 hours a day on some form of media
  • People spend 50 minutes+ on Facebook every day
  • There is even a new word called nomophobia which means people fear not having their mobile device on them every day.
  • I heard a stat today…
    • The average American has over 300,000 objects in their home…just think about that for a second…300,000 items in their home… What?!
  • The United States contains only 1.3% of the world’s population when considering children under the age of 5, but that same demographic makes up 40% of toy makers’ revenues year after year! 1.3% makes up 40% of world wide toy makers’ revenues each year!


Getting back into the new year quickly:

Are you planning to take  a lot of time off here at the end of the year, as if you “deserve” it? My most sluggish starts to the new year, were always during the times I took the most time off at the end of the prior year.

For the last 2 years, I have made it my aim to take more time off during the year, but to make sure that I got back into the grind as early as I could after the holidays. This helps me to focus on the commitments I have at the beginning of each year, and make the rest during the year even that much more rewarding.

Get back into the grind earlier and more often, and then rest during the year when you have accomplished much. You will feel more in control, happier about the progress you are making, and more relaxed when you are taking time off (with money you can actually spend, rather than spending money you don’t have after a slow start to the year!)


13 Week Mastermind Coaching Program:

I am excited to announce an new 13 week mastermind series around my new book, and other one on one coaching topics, to a select group of people who choose to sign on to the mastermind program.

Here is what you get:

1. Free copy of my book “From Success to Significance”

2. 13 weeks of one on one sessions with me, where we break down the book in full, including the vision building exercises that will make your 2017 incredible.
3. A group session each month, with members of the group, to collaborate and discuss what they are learning and doing in their own careers and personal lives for peak performance and sharpening to all grow together.

Please message my team at to grab your spot today, as these are limited due to the one on one nature of the group and the time I will need to spend with each of you.

I look forward to creating new friendships, and incredible success through this group.

Onward to Success and Significance,


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