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#179: Alex Charfen: Understanding Personal Progress, Biohacking Your Success and Achieving Forward Momentum

Previously, as a consultant, Alex Charfen worked directly with some of the largest organizations in the world, including Microsoft, Cannon, Logitech, and Kodak.

Alex is now the co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN. He has spent his life seeking to understand how to make business grow, which evolved into the question, “How do you help people grow?”. Through his research, and years as a top consultant to billionaires, the Fortune 500 and Global 100, this same question led Alex to discover the long-misunderstood Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT). In fact, best-selling author Robin Sharma recently described Alex as “the most progressive entrepreneurial mind on the planet.”.  Alex maintains his role as a highly sought-after speaker on entrepreneurial awareness, and has spoken around the world for tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and top global businesses to help them identify and live in their strengths.

He’s also spoken on some of the biggest stages, appeared on TV and in print for major media outlets such as MSNBCCNBCFOX NewsThe Wall Street JournalUSA TodayInvestor’s Business Daily and AmEx OPEN Forum to provide his unique views and insights

Alex has turned his attention and resources to what is without a doubt the most important work he believes he will ever do; in helping other EPT’s prosper and understand themselves, so they can make the difference that they are intended to make. His book, The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, published in 2016, has become the handbook for his restless tribe around the world looking for answers, and his next book, Momentum, will publish in early 2018.







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