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#126: Sam Ovens–Breaking Away From the Ordinary, to Create Massive Success

EPISODE #126: Sam Ovens

“Breaking Away From the Ordinary, to Create Massive Success”

Take a look at the path you are on today in your business or career. Is this the path toward success that so many people promised you when you were younger, or do you feel higher levels of success could be reached if changes were made today? What will make you break away from following others, and create a path of massive success and impact? Join me in episode 126 as Sam Ovens and I discuss how he did just that, and created a wildly successful career for himself, after living in this parent’s garage, and building a $13m consulting business at the age of 26. This is a must listen for anyone stuck on a corporate or entrepreneurial path today, who feels there should be more to their future, but might not know how to move out of their current situation.

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Sam’s Key Points Around Building a Successful Business:
1. Making a products that is cool is not enough. In order for someone to actually buy from you, they must actually have a need for it.
2. You can’t create desire in the marketplace. It has to already be there, for you to succeed.
3. Are people hiring you for the process or the outcome? If the outcome is the answer, this will allow you to scale back your business expenses and teach your customers how to implement the product on their own (which allows more profitability for you, with less overhead)
4. Your number one asset as an entrepreneur must be your hunger. Intelligence and talent will not necessarily equal long term results (You must have GRIT).
5. The highest levels of profitability comes from owning one company, focusing on one product, and giving everything to that one company. Owning 5 companies doesn’t bring 5X the profits, it brings 5X less profits.
6. Most people are not willing to give up the lifestyle they have today, for even one year, in order to put themselves in a position exponentially better than what they current have?
7. One of the most powerful forces in becoming successful is by using The Compounding Interest of Success and feedback loops.


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