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Welcome to The Success 101 Podcast. My goal with each episode is to bring you new concepts and ideas to help you maximize your full potential in the areas of mindset, energy, sleep, rest, nutrition, fitness, habits, goal strategies, peak performance, biohacking and much more. Head to the Episodes page to start your new path toward success now!


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#189: Alex Charfen–The Deceiving Effects of Adderall, Stimulants and Other Performance Enhancers

| According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), there has been an almost 40% increase in the amount of prescriptions allowed for “performance enhancers” since 2007, and in more recent years, abuse of Adderall and its imitators has increased by nearly 200%.  Adderall is abused mostly by college students and young adults, and estimates are…

The Rundown #01: The Nick Saban Coaching Tree, College Football, Trump and McDonalds

| A few of the topics we discuss in episode “Rundown 01”: The incredible personnel in Nick Saban’s Coaching Tree.   College football topics from TCU, UCF, Alabama and more. Trump’s presidential diet, and his request of McDonald’s.  “This Day In History” for January 10, 2017 OTHER RESOURCES TO FOLLOW: COUPON: Neuro Hacker Collective- Qualia: WWW.NEUROHACKER.COM , ENTER COUPON…

#188: Curt Steinhorst–Can I Have Your Attention?

| Curt Steinhorst is on a mission to help today’s workforce win the battle against digital distractions. Having spent years studying the impact of tech on human behavior, he now equips professionals across the world to work smarter and stronger in this constantly-connected age. As a leading voice on strategic communications in the age of distraction and…

#162: (Memorial Re-post) Stan Toler–Why Choosing to Change Your Attitude is Crucial for Your Success

| Stan Toler (1950-2017) was a dynamic speaker, bestselling author, and compassionate teacher who won friends and influenced people globally. His approachable and interactive leadership style fostered a high-energy, collaborative environment where growth and change occur. Stan was committed to the idea that everyone, with even a small amount of leadership talent, can become a…

Live #45: The Amazing Benefits of He Shou Wu, and Other Performance Herbs & Spices

| A few of the topics we discuss in episode “LIVE #45”: The amazing benefits and uses of He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) as a peak performance enhancer.   Other details about herbs, spices and adaptogens, which are common to many of our lives, but aren’t being used toward higher levels of performance. Why Qigong could be…

#187: Dayne Barkley–Hacking Your Evening Routine for Upgraded Performance

| Dayne Barkley is a biohacker enthusiast, and passionate about helping others upgrade to their maximum performance levels. Dayne had quite a healthy and active upbringing during his childhood, as his parents have always been very health focused, and Dayne is now using that information today for further testing toward personal performance strategies, and also toward…