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Welcome to The Success 101 Podcast. My goal with each episode is to bring you new concepts and ideas to help you maximize your full potential in the areas of mindset, energy, sleep, rest, nutrition, fitness, habits, goal strategies, peak performance, biohacking and much more. Head to the Episodes page to start your new path toward success now!


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#191: Sharran Srivatsaa– Designing Peak Performance Strategies Toward Incredible Success

| Sharran Srivatsaa is a sought after growth-focused entrepreneur, keynote speaker, mastermind facilitator, and a respected thought-leadership resource for publications such as the Wall Street Journal, SUCCESS magazine, Huffington Post and Forbes. Most recently, he grew Teles Properties by 10x in 5 years and led its acquisition to national real estate powerhouse Douglas Elliman, where he is now…

Rundown #04: State of the Union, Elon Musk’s Flamethrowers and Hydrogen Bombs?

|   The State of the Union Address History Elon Musk’s new company Nancy Pelosi’s denture juggle Killer Whales have learned to talk! (or not) This day in history for January 31st   OTHER RESOURCES TO FOLLOW: COUPON: AMPLE Meal Replacement Drink:  WWW.AMPLEMEAL.COM AND ENTER COUPON CODE: “success101” FOR 15% OFF YOUR AMPLE MEAL ORDER COUPON: The Human…

#190: Niyi Sobo–How Consistent Forward Momentum Overcomes All Obstacles

| Episode 190 is with the one and only Niyi Sobo, who delivers one of the most powerful interviews to date! Niyi is a sports motivation coach and Founder of, a resource that helps high performing athletes adopt the dominant mindset needed to achieve their biggest goals in sports AND in life. He’s an…

Rundown #03: The Greatest Battle That Should Never Have Been

|   Against all odds, the British Army were surrounded by the Zulu in South Africa, and emerged victorious. This is their story (or, our story about them), which should never have been…    OTHER RESOURCES TO FOLLOW: COUPON: AMPLE Meal Replacement Drink:  WWW.AMPLEMEAL.COM AND ENTER COUPON CODE: “success101” FOR 15% OFF YOUR AMPLE MEAL ORDER COUPON: The…

Rundown #02: Tom Brady (The G.O.A.T.), The LaVar Ball Saga, Trump’s Medical Check-up

| A few of the topics we discuss in episode “Rundown 02”: The amazing career of Tom Brady-The GOAT.   The LaVar Ball Family Saga–how long will international basketball last? Trump’s presidential check-up, and what we learned about his mental and physical scores.  “This Day In History” for January 17, 2018   Tom Brady article: Tom…

#189: Alex Charfen–The Deceiving Effects of Adderall, Stimulants and Other Performance Enhancers

| According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), there has been an almost 40% increase in the amount of prescriptions allowed for “performance enhancers” since 2007, and in more recent years, abuse of Adderall and its imitators has increased by nearly 200%.  Adderall is abused mostly by college students and young adults, and estimates are…